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Intrust your Network to us

Our network team is made of a group of professional specialist in various fields of hardware, software, network infrastructure and information security. Tirojnet provides a variety of products and services , new Installations and signal testing,  equipment selection consultation, on-site troubleshooting,  remote support and network security advice tailored to your organization’s needs.

Radio communication

Wireless communication solutions in broad aspects, both in non-licensed frequency bands and in bands requiring legal licenses such as (Microwave), are among the many requirements of organizations. Tirojnet


Network setup and support

Tirojnet is glory of its growth over the years and serving numerous companies and organizations with their network configuration and infrastructure support needs.

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Network based solution

With the evolution of telecommunication technology around the world and the widespread intrusion of information technology infrastructure in form of data anywhere, the replacement of traditional telephone systems (PSTN) by the new generation of IP- based telephone systems has been inevitable.

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Design Websites and development for any purpose

No matter why you need to have a website for, introducing your business, presenting your portfolio, or selling your own products online, our team will help you to create user-friendly web and mobile sites that cover every need. Also, all websites developed by Tirojnet are responsive and your website will be compatible with any type of decives.

Tirojnet application services

Android App Design

Android App Design

Android apps in Tirojnet are based on the JAVA programming language. In any field of operation, the Android app will be designed tailored to your needs and needs with suitable cost.

IOS App Design

IOS App Design

IOS apps in Tirojnet are based on the Swift programming language.  In any field of operation, the Android app will be designed tailored to your needs with suitable cost

Tirojnet Customers

In addition to ensuring business continuity, it also provides you with the development and advancement of your business

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